12 Unbelievable Beaches In Argentina That Locals Want All To Themselves!

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Argentina has to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world. This Latin American nation boasts spectacular national parks, historical monuments, majestic wildlife and above all, 5000 kilometers of diverse and exciting coastline to explore.

It’s along that coast that you’ll find pristine golden sand and crystal clear waters. And many idyllic Argentina beaches that are perfect if you’re looking for a relaxing getaway.

During the summer months, November through March, the summer heat is perfect for a refreshing swim too.

You’ll find a huge array of beaches here. From tranquil rural coastal stretches where you might not see a soul for hours, to 24/7 party resort towns which have countless bars and hotels. Essentially there’s a beach for everyone in Argentina.

If you don’t know Argentina well, we’re here to help! Below our are favourite Argentina beaches – each one has something that makes it special and unique. Be that Caribbean-esque water, whale-watchingopportunities and even black sand beaches.

Aerial view of crowded beach in the city of Mar del Plata, the most famous watering place in the atlantic coast of Argentina, south america.

12 Unique & Special Argentina Beaches You Must Visit!

1. Playa Perdices

This gorgeous beach juts out into the Atlantic, and surrounding it is crystal clear water with an emerald tinge that is surprisingly warm – much warmer than other areas on the Argentinian coast. Locals even refer to it as the ‘Argentinian Caribbean’.

The best time to go is at high tide, when the water is close to land and easier to swim in. It’s also a lovely place to paddleboard and kayak. Keep an eye out for penguins if you do – they like to swim in these shores!

This calm tranquil beach mirrors the little fishing town that sits beside it, Puerto San Antonio Este. This town has some of the best seafood restaurants we’ve tried in Argentina – no surprise considering how fresh the produce is.

The food is extremely affordable too, try out Restaurant Marisqueria El Puerto if you do visit.

2. Mar de las Pampas

Thanks to its unique mishmash of forest meets ocean, this beach has become a haven for nature-buffs looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The quiet little-knownMar de las Pampas beach, with its soft sand, is the perfect place to relax and listen to the waves. The beach sits against adiverse backdrop of trees, including cypress, poplar, acacia, eucalyptus, and pine.

It’s a fantastic place for nature walks in a stunning coastal setting. Settle under one of the pine trees beside the beach and watch the world go by. Bliss.

The charming town of Mar de las Pampas feels rustic and has lots of little coffee shops and friendly bars. As for activities, it’s possible to go horse riding and hire quads here.

When it comes to relaxation, this is our favourite beach in Argentina.

3. Playa El Doradillo

This exceptional beach is half-way down Argentina’s coast. While it does have a huge expanse of sand, it’s not famous for sunbathing or swimming. It’s famous for whales!

Playa El Doradillo is probably one of the best places in South America to see whales from the shore.

Whale watching season in Patagonia is from May until early December so make sure you visit Playa el Doradillo during this period.

The beach itself is often empty, giving you the opportunity to stroll down the sand and enjoy your own thoughts. Coastal cliffs dominate the background rather than high-rise buildings or resorts.

This is a place where nature remains in control. (Related: Camping in Patagonia).

5. Mar del Plata

Even though it was primarily a fishing center, Mar del Plata has grown in prominence over the years, and now millions flock to this small city for summer vacation.

The city population of 700,000 is only a tenth of the annual visitors to the beaches here, making it Argentina’s largest coastal attraction.

It’s certainly not a hidden gem – but it’s popular for a reason and definitely worthy of a visit! All the facilities you would expect at a resort beach location, and more, can be found here.

Situated in the southern part of Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata’s coastline is made up of a string of different beaches.

Playa Varese is the place to go to play volleyball and surf, while the huge stretch of sand at Playa Mariano is great for sunbathing. Puerto de Mar del Plata is our pick if you want to eat street seafood and spot sea lions!

It’s the diversity of beaches here in such a small area that makes Mar del Plata stand out. Here you can sunbathe, surf, fish, sail, scuba dive, bar hop and more. These beaches can be lively and crowded, so they may suit party animals more than introverts.

There are plenty of attractions just a stone’s throw away from many of the beaches too, such as Juan Carlos Castagnino Municipal Art Museum, several wineries and microbreweries, and the Aqua Sol Waterpark.

6. Las Grutas

Move further down the coast, and around 15 kilometers from San Antonio Oeste you’ll find one of the most aesthetic beaches in Argentina.

Las Grutas, loosely translated as “caves and grottoes,” is a paradise region with long stretches of soft sand dotted with mysterious-looking caves. The water here is some of warmest in Argentina.

While the beach closest to the town of Las Grutas can get busy, the further you walk along the coast the more private the beach becomes.

There’s some lovely spots for swimming – the water is turquoise blue in places – and you can shelter from the sun in the small caves along the coast.

Look out for the sea lions that live in this region, as well as the native burrowing parrot. It’s also worth making the trip to San Antonio Bay which is a protected site for migratory birds.

There’s also opportunities for fishing, swimming, hiking and kitesurfing here.

7. Monte Hermoso

This beach in the southern district of Buenos Aires has become famous in the country because of one unique quality. The sun not only rises over the water here, but also sets over the water too!

And with 20 miles of coastline here, it’s possible to find your own private spot to see those dreamy sunsets and sunrises.

There’s something else that makes the beach at Monte Hermoso special too. The water here is warmer than anywhere else on Argentina’s coastline – a big plus for people like us who enjoy wallowing in the ocean.

Compared to other seaside regions, we’ve found Monte Hermoso to be very affordable, the beach to be pristine and kept very clean, and the locals friendly. This is easily one of our favourite Argentina beaches.

8. Lake Correntoso

This isn’t a seaside beach, but the lakeside at Lake Correntoso near Villa la Angostura in Nuequen Province has to make our list.

This beach is set in stunning surroundings, deep in the Patagonian wilderness with the backdrop of the Andes mountain range. It’s the epitome of breathtaking.

The beach on the southern shore has a lovely stretch of sand, and the water here is a pretty transparent green. That coupled with the lush green forest surrounding the lake makes it one of the prettiest beaches in Argentina.

On the south shore you can find a camping area, as well as activities like kayaking, windsurfing and sportfishing. If you venture away from the shoreline you will find countless hiking trails, while further south are many other lakes, all with their own special views.

The water here is icy cold, so you will have to muster the courage to swim in it. This is a beach destination for the adventurous, and while it’s not so easy to get here, it’s well worth the effort. A special choice when it comes to Argentina beaches.

9. Carilo

For something less rustic and more swanky, then head to the upscale beach resort area of Carilo – a laid-back beach destination frequented by politicians, celebrities and multi-millionaires.

This coastline and beach here is dotted by five-star resorts and boutique hotels. Becauseof that there’s a huge variety of fantastic restaurants, spas and cocktail bars to choose from.

However expect to pay much higher prices than other beach areas in Argentina.

The beach is pristine, the area extremely safe, and there’s no large noisy crowds here. If you’re a golfer there’s a very good 18-hole golf course near the beach too.

10. Miramar

Loosely translated as “look at the sea” or “overlooking the sea,” depending on who you ask, Miramar is a resort beach area located around 40 kilometers from Mar del Plata.

The beaches here are a great option if you’re looking for a casual, relaxing, resort atmosphere, but at a more affordable price than otherArgentina beach resort locations.

This is more of a family friendly option than party-central Mar del Plata, and there’s still plenty of beach to sunbathe and swim here. If you want to get away from the crowds and high-rise buildings then head to Mar del Sud which is just 20 minutes away. It’s tranquil and secluded.

The beaches here are a big hit with cyclists and hikers as there’s a series of picturesque trails running up and down the coastline.

11. Puerto Madryn

This beach city isn’t often visited by tourists, but Patagonia’s Puerto Madryn has a beach that we keep returning to again and again.

The beach here is wide and the water shallow, calm, clear and warm for swimming.

But what makes this beach special is the wildlife. You can spot southern right whales during whale-watching season from May to December, and if you head over to the nearby Valdes Peninsula you will find colonies of penguins and elephant seals! Both of which attract Orcas to the area as well.

If you want a beach with wildlife spotting opportunities, then this is the place. A very special Argentina beach.

12. Nahuel Huapi Lake

Another lake we can’t ignore is Nahuel Huapi, which lies in the eastern foothills of the Andes. The backdrop of snow-capped mountains is as beautiful as you’d expect, and as the lake is made up of glacial water, the water is exceptionally clear. So clear you can see reflections in it on calm days.

There’s several beaches to visit on the lake, most of them on the southern shore. At Playa del Moreno Sin Viento you will find wonderful differentshades of blue on the water, and you can sit on the beach looking directly towards the snowy Andes in front of you.

There’s usually very little wind here too making it a perfect place to kayak – you can hire one beside the beach.

The beaches here aren’t sandy like at the coast, and the water is very cold! However the scenery is second to none, as is the feeling of serenity.

13. Lake Futalaufquen Black Sand Beach

Lastly we wanted to include a very rare but special beach – Argentina’s little known black sand beach at LakeFutalaufquen.

This lake is situated in National Park Los Alerces and has a route that flows all the way into the Pacific Ocean, but what makes it special is the volcanic sand that comprises one of the beaches here.

The forest and mountain views are wonderful, and the water is much warmer for swimming that other lakes in Argentina. There’s lots of good hiking opportunities too.

While exploring keep your eye out for the endangered huemul, the largest native deer in the Andes, as well as the elusive puma.

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